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If you're looking for a job within Sports Direct, we have numerous vacancies across our 670 stores. If a role in store is not for you, we have great opportunities within our head office.

Working in one of our stores can be a rewarding experience, with the challenge of a fast paced, dynamic environment. A role in store can provide a sense of success and achievement to any employee. YOU influence your direction, YOU create your future!!

The same can be said for a role in our head office. With an evolving business like Sports Direct, making a difference is the ethos we want our staff to work towards. With a wide range of different departments there is definitely a role that will suit your aspirations and will push you to succeed.

No matter where you start in Sports Direct, with hard work and dedication you can create your path to a successful career within the UK’s Number One Sports Retailer.

Justin Kirkham wanted the voice of the “silent majority” of proud and dedicated Sports Direct employees to be heard at the Sports Direct AGM, so he hijacked the mic to speak directly to journalists and investors. “Don't forget about us,” Justin insisted. “The Sports Direct Family is one hundred percent behind all the changes proposed by the board.”

A video of Justin’s speech posted online quickly racked up thousands of views, and employees of Sports Direct from the stores, warehouses and head office used the hash tag #SDFamily to show solidarity -- posting personal accounts and photos.

Justin was stunned by the response, saying: “I put into words what I knew my colleagues were feeling. But I underestimated how deep those feelings go."

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