Love what you do

Love what you do

"Love what you do" is the Leisurejobs motto, developed at the very beginning of Leisurejobs' life, and one we have happily carried through. Everything we try to achieve is resonated in this simple statement.

As a passionate bunch of people, our simple explanation of this is, 'How can you be good at something if you don't like what you are doing?' So quite simply, we encourage our Leisurejobbers to find a job they can be happy in. To achieve this means you will strive further, be better, and hence hopefully more successful.

A job can be all encompassing, so to find one that gives you a spring in your step and a motivation to do it well is a job well done. It's not really any more complex than that. Look at your skills and identify the different types of working environments that are available to you. Leisure and hospitality as an industry is dynamic, fast paced and full of opportunities at every level and function. Think of where you can be best utilised and where you can give the most of you to.

And whilst we think we are pretty wise, don’t just take it from us. Steve Jobs has also promoted this train of thought with his quote, "The only way to do great work is to Love what you Do'.

Of course we are here to help that goal. We work hard to provide our jobseekers with some of the best jobs available. If you have real choice with the job you choose, it's win win.

So we've given you the tools to get there, go forth and build that dream career. Have happy feet and a light heart each day. Start your search today.